Sightseeing & Activities


Sightseeing & Activities


Travelling to visit all tourist spots in your destination?


Keep reading ahead to find out ways to do this.


Sightseeing is basically the activity of travelling to a popular destination and scout all the prime locations the particular destination has to offer. On the basis of the concerned place, this can involve a visit to different spots like a monument, museum, world wonder, and so on.


If you book your sightseeing tour in advance, you will not be left puzzled upon arriving at your destination, thinking where to go and what to do. Prayaann is a comprehensive travel portal that offers you with sightseeing packages for every destination listed on its website. Our packages have been smartly designed and are extremely valuable in terms of money, comprising numerous famous tourist attractions and other related activities. 


We endeavour to provide you with maximum exposure to your place of visit, and that too at competitive prices. For almost every place that you go to visit, our sightseeing service offers entrances to each of them. Go through our website and bag the best deals on sightseeing packages for your favourite destinations.


Our guide to Sightseeing Tours and Activities


Prayaann has harnessed the potential of its professional travel experts to craft unparalleled sightseeing tours.  


Whether you want to explore Rajasthan or are craving to see things in Singapore, our sightseeing activities are an exceptional way to get straight into the heart of any new place. Prayaann’ broad array of sightseeing activities and tours offers you with a galore of choices. From camel riding in deserts to taking a stroll through Universal Studios - the list gets never ending.


How can Sightseeing redefine your trip?


Grabbing our sightseeing tour package can provide you an extra edge over others by preventing you from standing in long queues, enjoying the local flavour, and learning from experts themselves. Regardless of you being a wandering gourmet or a history buff, you will surely get spoiled for the choice of things we  will offer you. Book a tour as per your preferences through Prayaann and give your travel a real boost.


The best way to make the most out of your travelling experience is to opt for a city tour. For example: You may book a one day trip to Jaipur and visit the top attractions of the city and then proceed by following the tips mentioned here:


Ø Being the first in line: Scorching sun in the ‘pink city’ troubling you? Skip straight past it by booking a sedan onto a tour of the Amer Fort or Hawa Mahal.


Ø Awakening your senses: Feel the royalness of the city by boating around the majestic Jal Mahal.


Ø Learning from the experts themselves: If you are a history buff and iconic attractions light up your imagination, seek help from a local guide  and walk around Jantar-Mantar or Albert Hall museum.


Ø Following the unconventional route: If you want to make your trip memorable and unique, you can select our themed sightseeing tour. This themed tour could bring about an extraordinary feel in the entire journey and bestow you  innumerable fun memories.


How is Prayaann the best option?

Ø  We offer itinerary in almost all of our sightseeing spots

Ø  We ask for the most reasonable price in all our packages

Ø  The comfort and safety of our customers is our top priority

Ø  All our drivers in all different locations have been trained by experts and are well-mannered professionals

Ø  Our focus is on customizing the itineraries based on your requirements


How can you build memories with Prayaann?


The one mistake that most of the travellers do is to not plan in advance about what after reaching their destination. We do not want this to happen with you as the end results can be a whole lot troublesome for you. This is why we have come up with sightseeing packages as booking this activity in advance can release a substantial amount of stress from your mind. Once this is done, you can touch down and go straight into the real action. 


We make you list down your preferred spots to visit and make its booking in advance, Hence, you can easily skip the long queues at famous monuments and either take a cab ride or go for a walking tour for a detailed inside view. You may even learn to cook just like a local or may even dive with sharks. Thus, the combination of your requirement and our planning will help you seize every moment of your journey to your favourite destination.