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Flying to the destination far or near helps to save time and energy but may sometimes punch a hole to our pockets if booked in haste without prior research.


Minding the hitches involved, our travel agency has a devoted team that rigorously monitors the schedules and fares of domestic and international flights. We work on the best meta search engines to get hands on booking at convenient schedules and lower fares.


No fretting about flight connections. 


As for domestic and international flights wherein, a connecting flight involves complications like hefty penalty or stranded on connecting place for long hours arises on missing. Our team takes critical care for these bookings considering scheduled departure and arrival times. Then book tickets with a 1 hour and 2 hour connecting time for domestic flights and international flights respectively.


Brief us your price range, destination, schedule, cabin class(business or economy)and carrier airline ahead of time. We scout from the pool of offers focusing on season and demands and book the one that best suits you. Round trip bookings are done on intimation as it saves extra. 


You can click on to our website and receive every information on:


  •  Getting boarding passes
  •  Flight status
  •  Departure and arrival timings of flights
  • Web-checkin
  • Difference between airline tickets and boarding pass tickets

 Reach us out for a secure, comfortable and pennyworth take-off. 

 All bookings can be done by credit/debit card and netbanking. E-wallets like PayPal, Amazon pay, Google pay offers promo codes and additional discounts that can be availed while booking. You may also get additional cashback on bookings exceeding minimum amounts. Our pay later option allows you to take time to churn fares and make booking for cheaper rates. EMI option is a saviour for bookings on international flights that costs you a fortune. 


If a scheduled flight is cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions or variations in the flight status, we will make bookings for the next available flight in no time. Cancellation protection is available for the domestic flights. Booking fare plus secure cancellation fee allows you to cancel your booking anytime and claim a refund.       


Our fringe benefits make your journey comfortable. They include selecting seats, meals on board and additional baggage. Expenses on additional baggage can be made at time of booking to avoid troubles while boarding. 


Invest your time in booking your plane tickets, we will take care of the rest. Prayaann  endeavours to provide you with the most customised offers along with no convenience fee and a transparent air pricing structure. For your comfort, we have also tied up with some of the leading banking groups to bring down your total cost of flight booking. Therefore, you may make the use of the best flight ticket booking deals for all leading low-cost airlines of India and abroad with us.



Plan your Trip seamlessly with Prayaann - Your One-Stop Solution for affordable travel


Prayaann is a dependable travel agent in India, offering superb deals on air tickets. Get in touch with us and experience seamless travel experience for exotic locations in India or across the globe at minimal airfares. We realize our position as one of the premier travel portals of India and hence strive relentlessly to provide you with dream vacations.


Contact us to witness an unparalleled travel experience and save those extra pennies. Prayaann ardently believes in crafting the most amazing vacations for its clients through customized holiday packages and tours. We assure you of the most cost-effective travel by bumper savings on our flights, hotels, and the entire trip.


Get on board to experience the most exciting holiday of your life now!


Prayaann, one of the foremost travel portals of India, offers the most affordable ranged flights. We offer significant discounts on both domestic and international flight tickets. Considering the amount of trust our consumers lay upon us, we lay stress on offering a streamlined flight booking experience to them. So, without any second thought, book our tickets at the cheapest airfare by allowing us to plan your trip.


Apart from this, you can refer to our website for acquiring every information on:


Ø   Getting boarding passes

Ø   Flight status

Ø   Departure and arrival timings of flights

Ø  Web-checkin

Ø  Difference between airline tickets and boarding pass tickets


While you make your booking of your plane tickets, we are dedicated to serving you with the most optimized offers along with no convenience fee and a transparent air pricing structure. We have also tied up with some of the leading banking groups to alleviate your total cost of flight booking. Therefore, you may make the use of the best flight ticket booking deals for all prominent low-cost airlines of India and overseas with us.


We realize the diverse needs of our consumers and thus offer last-minute discounts on our air-ticket bookings. So, gear up to visit the most preferred destinations on your travel list with our optimum airfare deals and discounts.





1)How to find the most affordable airfare?


If you are looking for the cheapest airfare, all you need to do is just click onto our website or download our app. Next, enter your arrival and departure details by mentioning the cities’ names and discover the cheapest days to fly using our fare calendar. Low-cost airlines provide cheaper fares as compared to full-service carriers. You can save significant amounts on airline tickets by keeping in view our budget airlines.


2)Which is the best day of the week to purchase plane tickets?


Earlier, it used to be thought that the best day to book the cheapest flight tickets is Tuesday. However, it’s not the same anymore. With more and more business travellers have started to book their flight tickets during weekdays, Sunday has emerged to become the best day to purchase tickets. Hence, aim for your bookings on Sundays, and that too 21 days ahead of your trip.


3)Are last-minute bookings an affordable idea?


For years, there has been a widely accepted notion that if in advance, you make flight ticket bookings, the ticket’s price will be cheap. The reality is, however, quite different. Booking flight tickets late is a cheaper alternative. Several pieces of research have demonstrated that airline tickets are cheaper if booked just three weeks before departure compared to tickets booked 6 months earlier than it. This, however, is not mandatory. Ticket prices often see fluctuations in many cases. In most of the cases, this fluctuation is a result of the increasing demand for a specific route by any of the travellers. This is how flight tickets become cheaper while travelling nearer to the travel date and in particular cases, it becomes costly.


5)Is it possible that I can fly for free?


Currently, Prayaann is providing an offer to its customers to avail free flight tickets for Rs.10000/- daily. Apart from this, there are numerous other options such as frequent flyer credit cards from different banks, loyalty points, and utilizing free flights with miles that facilitate the process of making you fly for free.