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Frequently Asking Questions- FAQ's

1)What are the advantages of purchasing a bus ticket with Prayaann?

Prayaann is India’s largest bus tickets company and therefore, you will find the largest option of bus seats on the site. Some of the advantages of dealing with us are:

-   You can choose your seat
-   You can book your bus tickets online, by phone, or in person
-   You can choose from over 3500+ bus operators
-   You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type

2)Do I need to register to use prayaann?

No, prayaann does not require its customers to go through a registration process

3)Does booking online cost me more?

Not at all! The price of the bus ticket is the same as you would get from the bus operator too. The price of hotel voucher is the same or sometimes discounted depending on the season/time.

4)Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?

It depends on the bus operator you have booked your ticket with. Even eTickets are available on prayaann. For operators that support eTickets, the SMS that is sent to your mobile can be produced at the time of boarding and you will be allowed to travel.

For operators that do not support eTickets it is a must to take a printout of the e-ticket and produce it at the time of boarding. The e-ticket is sent to the e-mail ID provided at the time of boarding.

To know which operators are eTicket enabled, look for the eTicket icon under the eTicket column while searching for buses.

5)I've lost my ticket. What should I do now?

A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail when you booked it. Please take a printout of that mail and produce it at the time of boarding. If you have not received the ticket e-mail, please call any of our call centers and our executive will re-send you a copy by mail.

6)What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is an SMS that is sent to your mobile on booking a ticket with select operators. This SMS has the TIN number and the PNR number along with other ticket related information. It can be used to board the bus. Please note that not all operators accept eTickets. To know which operators are eTicket enabled, look for the eTicket icon under the eTicket column while searching for buses.


7)I didn’t receive my eTicket. Can you re-send it?

You can generate your eTicket online. Click on the Print/SMS ticket link on the home page on Enter your TIN number mentioned on the e-ticket we e-mailed you. Choose the SMS option and click on Submit. In case you don’t have a copy of the e-ticket either, contact our call center and our executive will assist you.

8)I entered the wrong mobile number while booking. Can I get my eTicket on a different number?

Sure you can. Please contact our call center and our executive will send you the eTicket on your desired number.

9)Does the owner of the credit card with which the ticket is purchased need to be one of the passengers?

Not at all! A passenger can use any card to pay for the ticket, not necessarily their own. However, please note that the passenger in whose name the ticket is booked should carry a proof of his identity (along with the ticket) at the time of boarding the bus.

10)What payment options do I have?

The different payment options are

Credit card

Debit card

Internet banking (Internet enabled online bank account)


11)How does the transaction appear on my card / account statement?

Transactions on prayaann will appear as PRAYAANNGO.COM or Sreelaksshmi Prayaann Travel Solutions Private Limited, in your bank statement.

12)Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

Transactions on prayaann are very safe. We employ the best-in-class security and the transactions done are secure. Apart from being certified by Emudra, prayaann uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with us is never transmitted unencrypted, thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

13)Can I cancel my ticket online?

Most of the tickets can be cancelled online. However, there are some tickets that can only be cancelled through our call center.

However please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ for specific bus services. Please contact any of our executives for cancellation details on any specific service.

14)How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

You need to click on the cancellation link provided on our home page. Enter your ticket number and the e-mail ID that was provided at the time of booking and click on cancel ticket.

15)I missed the bus. Do I get a refund?

Prayaann/Service Provider provides a 100% refund if the bus is missed due to either prayaann or its’ partner company's fault. However, if the bus is missed due to any other reason not directly related to prayaann no refund is provided.

16)How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking) or credited to prayaann wallet. Wallet credit can be used for bus booking in future (within 6 months of cancellation).