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Corporate Policy



Prayaann Go Travel Solutions Private Limited (hereinafter “Prayaann” or “”), Rayachoti, AP-516269, India, for providing best services with a very large and rich inventory of choice for Flights, Hotels, Bus, Cars, Sightseeing, Holidays, Tours and Activities for travelers in citizen journeys and travels in world. experiences core values are most trusted user experience, be it in terms of quickest search and booking, fastest payments, settlement or refund processes. The aim of is every citizen to fly in all transportations with the best price and offer an endeavor product. We provide best offers to all legal logins for their journeys and to their stays in and around world.


The purpose of this corporate Policy is to set forth the Company’s held principles in the area of business conduct and ethics around INTEGRITY, PEOPLE and EXCELLENCE. INTEGRITY requires the conduct of business with the highest ethical standards, the honoring of commitments, the delivery on promises, loyalty, fairness and the need to stand up for what is right. PEOPLE requires behavior to be open, based on trust and simplicity, sharing knowledge, encouraging the contribution of all, developing people skills through empowerment, teamwork and training. EXCELLENCE means striving for quality and customer satisfaction, creating value for our partners, showing flexibility, encouraging innovation, developing competences, seeking responsibilities and assuming accountability for actions. Recall that compliance with all applicable national and international laws, respect and promotion of human rights as well as compliance with the rules and guidelines applicable to financial reporting and to conflicts of interest, are viewed as a matter of personal integrity for each Prayaann employee, reflect the Prayaann corporate culture, express the continuity of Prayaann history as well as the Prayaann leadership in facing the future challenges of a changing environment. Clearly communicate to all Prayaann employees the above mentioned principles, ethical and business standards, rules and guidelines and ensure the necessary means to monitor and secure compliance therewith.





Ø  Flight

Ø  Hotel

Ø  Bus(India)

Ø  Cabs

Ø  Transfer

Ø  Tours & Activities

Ø  Holiday packages

Ø  Other travel services


Every Prayaann Agency and each Prayaann employee is required, without exception, in their personal behavior, and in the manner they conduct business, to:  Behave honestly and ethically by ensuring that business policies and practices are aligned with ethical principles in dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and officials of domestic or foreign governments or administrations, Act in accordance with all national and international laws, rules and regulations directly applicable to their business ethics and professional activities, Respect and promote human rights, based on accepted international laws and practices such as those of the Labour and Human rights law in India, Ensure proper use, protection and conservation of Prayaann assets and resources, which include business, technical, financial and trade data, and personal information for Prayaann's sole best interests and not for personal benefit, Respect the rights of Prayaann's customers, suppliers and competitors in the same way as Prayaann expects its own rights to be respected, Maintain the confidentiality of protected or sensitive information acquired in the course of their work, except when such disclosure is either duly authorized in compliance with Prayaann policies or legally required, and not use such information for unethical or illegal advantage, either personally or through third parties, including for trading in the shares of Prayaann, or in those of Prayaann's customers, suppliers or partners, Provide all information enabling complete and reliable financial reporting and disclosures, Avoid any impropriety between personal and professional relationships, when dealing with suppliers, customers, and all organizations or individuals doing or seeking to do business with Prayaann, and Report any breach of this Policy Statement or the other principles or practices covered by this Policy.



This Policy addresses not only the establishing of inappropriate situations or the undertaking of inappropriate actions, but also the allowing and concealing of any such situations or actions. In particular, Prayaann recognizes that local customs or traditions may differ, but HONESTY is never subject to criticism. Prayaann cares how the results of any given activity are obtained. Results achieved by violating laws, through unscrupulous dealings or misreporting of information, cannot and will not be tolerated, even if they may appear to favor Prayaann. Business Ethics is a matter of personal integrity for each Prayaann employee and compliance is mandatory.


All local entities shall adopt Business Conduct and Ethics standards policy consistent with this Policy. Stricter guidelines or more detailed instructions may in certain cases be necessary to comply with local requirements, but these may not contradict this Policy. All ethical, legal, environmental, employment and human rights issues must be addressed and resolved in a manner consistent with the principles and provisions of this Policy.


This Policy is subject to periodic revisions and updates in light of the applicable requirements of the various jurisdictions in which Prayaann operates. This Business Conduct and Ethics Policy in its latest form is to be published on Prayaann website and made available in print to any customer who may request it.

Accounting and Management practices:

Third Party Relationships:

Since Prayaann is all in one roof travel search engine, third party relationship is very important, wherein prayaann have interlinked with numerous travel agency. Such third-party relationship may also include sharing of certain Personal Information of customers to our corporate affiliates or business partners, our third party service providers may also contact the customers to offer certain products or services, which may include free or paid products / services, which will enable the customer to have better travel experience or to avail certain benefits specially made for Prayaann customers. Examples of such partners are entities offering co-branded credit cards, travel insurance, insurance cover against loss of wallet, banking cards or similar sensitive information etc. If you choose to avail any such services offered by our business partners, the services so availed will be governed by the privacy policy of the respective service provider.

Prayaann may engage to thirdparty to perform certain tasks on its behalf, including but not limited to payment processing, data hosting, and data processing platforms. 

Prayaann use non-identifiable Personal Information of customers in aggregate or anonymized form to build higher quality, more useful online services by performing statistical analysis of the collective characteristics and behavior of our customers and visitors, and by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas of the Website. We may provide anonymous statistical information based on this data to suppliers, advertisers, affiliates and other current and potential business partners. We may also use such aggregate data to inform these third parties as to the number of people who have seen and clicked on links to their websites. Any Personal Information which we collect and which we may use in an aggregated format is our property. We may use it, in our sole discretion and without any compensation to you, for any legitimate purpose including without limitation the commercial sale thereof to third parties.

Occasionally, Prayaann will hire a third party for market research, surveys etc. and will provide information to these third parties specifically for use in connection with these projects. The information (including aggregate cookie and tracking information) we provide to such third parties, alliance partners, or vendors are protected by confidentiality agreements and such information is to be used solely for completing the specific project, and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Internal Controls:


In the interests of improving personalization and service efficiency, we may, under controlled and secure circumstances, share your Personal Information with our affiliate or associate entities.

If the assets of Prayaann are acquired, our customer information may also be transferred to the acquirer depending upon the nature of such acquisition. In addition, as part of business expansion/development/restructuring or for any other reason whatsoever, if we decide to sell/transfer/assign our business, any part thereof, any of our subsidiaries or any business units, then as part of such restructuring exercise customer information including the Personal Information collected herein shall be transferred accordingly.


Business Colleagues AND THIRD-PARTY VENDORS:

We may likewise share certain sifted Personal Information to our corporate associates or colleagues who may contact the clients to offer certain items or administrations, which may incorporate free or paid items/administrations, which will empower the client to have better travel involvement or to profit certain advantages exceptionally made for Prayaann clients. Instances of such accomplices are substances offering co-marked charge cards, travel protection, protection spread against loss of wallet, banking cards or comparable touchy data and so on. On the off chance that you benefit any such administrations offered by our colleagues, the administrations so profited will be represented by the security arrangement of the individual specialist organization.

Prayaann may share your Personal Information to outsider that Prayaann may connect with to play out specific errands for its sake, including however not restricted to installment handling, information facilitating, and information preparing stages.

We use non-recognizable Personal Information of Users in total or anonymized structure to assemble higher quality, progressively helpful online administrations by performing factual examination of the aggregate attributes and conduct of our clients and guests, and by estimating socioeconomics and interests with respect to explicit regions of the Website. We may give mysterious factual data dependent on this information to providers, publicists, offshoots and other present and potential colleagues. We may likewise utilize such total information to illuminate these outsiders with regards to the quantity of individuals who have seen and tapped on connections to their sites. Any Personal Information which we gather and which we may use in a totaled arrangement is our property. We may utilize it, in our sole prudence and with no remuneration to you, for any authentic reason including without restriction the business deal thereof to outsiders.

Infrequently, Prayaann will contract an outsider for statistical surveying, studies and so on and will give data to these outsiders explicitly for use regarding these undertakings. The data (counting total treat and following data) we give to such outsiders, union accomplices, or merchants are ensured by privacy understandings and such data is to be utilized exclusively for finishing the particular venture, and in consistence with the material guidelines.


Notwithstanding the conditions portrayed above, Prayaann may uncover User's Personal Information whenever required to do as such:

1. By law, required by any authorization expert for examination, by court request or in reference to any legitimate procedure;

2. To lead our business;

3. Tor administrative, interior consistence and review exercise(s)

4. To secure our frameworks; or

5. To uphold or secure our rights or properties of Prayaann or any or the majority of its partners, partners, workers, executives or officers or when we have motivation to trust that unveiling Personal Information of User(s) is important to recognize, contact or bring lawful activity against somebody who might cause obstruction with our rights or properties, regardless of whether purposefully or something else, or when any other individual could be hurt by such exercises.

Such divulgence and capacity may occur without your insight. All things considered, we will not be subject to you or any outsider for any harms howsoever emerging from such divulgence and capacity.

Dealings with Suppliers and Customers:

Your information will be conferred to the end master centers like lodgings, transport authority associations, taxi rental or whatever different suppliers who are accountable for fulfilling your booking. You may observe that while making a booking with Prayaann you support us to confer your information to the said master centers and suppliers. It is significant to observe that Prayaann does not favor the end pro community to use your information for some different purpose(s) except for as may be for fulfilling their bit of organization. Regardless, how the said master centers/suppliers use the information conferred to them is past the space and control of Prayaann as they process Personal Information as independent data controllers, and in this way we can't be made in charge of the comparable. You are hence taught to review the security methodologies with respect to the individual authority community or supplier whose organizations you advantage.

Prayaann does not sell or rent solitary customer names or other Personal Information of Users to outcasts beside sharing of such information with our business/plot associates or dealers who are secured by us for giving distinctive referral organizations and to sharing extraordinary and various focal points to our customers once in a while premise their booking history with us.


Prayaann, is a unit of Sreelakshmi Prayaann Travel Solutions Private limited, and the same HR policy will be applicable for all franchisee of prayaann travels.



Prayaann's departments are under one roof starting with the Management and Administrative Department, Operational Department, Reservation Department, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Inbound, Outbound & Ticketing Departments, giving us a competitive advantage by being all under one roof.


·         Work Health and Safety Policy.

Every drivers should be insured, and prayaann has all rights to check with the third party insurance policy, such insurance is paid and maintained record by the service provider, over which prayaann have supervising rights.


·         Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

Ø  No act of Bulling and harassment of employees ,customers is permitted.

Ø  discrimination of  Sex , caste , religion is against prayaann policy, if anyone who does not abide such policy will be terminated from Prayaann immediately.

·         Code of Conduct.

Every employee of Prayaann is expected to be in good conduct.

·         Drug and Alcohol Policy.

consuming alcohol, drugs is strictly not permittable to all prayaann's Employee, if anyone does not abide may be terminated from prayaann.

·         Leave Policy.

Prayaann employee's are subjected to the leave policy as below:

every employee is permitted to take one sick leave and one causual leave per month.

beyond that all the leaves are considered as loss of pay leave.




  • Privacy – Protect employees, the company and your customers by establishing a policy that encourages transparency and trust with your customers.
  • Credit – Determine the terms of opening an account and building good credit with your company. Set an acceptable amount of time for payment, and establish consequences when payment is overdue or not received.
  • Confidentiality – Protect sensitive information, and be sure to cover relationships with vendors, customers and other suppliers.
  • Employee Position Descriptions – Define the role of every employee, including their level of responsibility, amount of authority for decision-making, overarching goals and specific tasks. Also create methods for monitoring performance and developing employees through training.
  • Personnel Policies – Clearly state business hours, terms of employment (hiring and termination), wages or salary (and bonuses, if any), insurance and health benefits, paid vs. unpaid vacation days, sick leave, and retirement.
  • Organizational Structure – Create a chart with each person’s name and title showing how each person fits into the structure of the organization.
  • Disciplinary Action – Address issues of honesty, performance, safety and misconduct, and determine what constitutes a violation of company policy, as well as how employees will be disciplined if they violate certain rules.
  • No Retaliation – Make sure to have a no retaliation policy to protect your employees and the company.
  • Safety – Use industry best practices and relevant local, state and federal laws as guidelines to create rules detailing what safe behavior at work looks like, how to use safety equipment, how to report safety hazards, etc.
  • Technology – Establish what’s acceptable and what’s not in regards to Internet, email and social media usage for personal purposes at work.


Physical Assets of the company:

Electronic Assets User IDs and passwords are for the exclusive use of the intended recipient only and should never be used or “tested” by others. Suppliers are responsible for what's done with their user ID and password. Likewise, franchisee may only use the user ID and password assigned to them to gain access to an Anthem system. Violations of this policy can result in termination of your franchise. BUSINESS PRACTICES Recording, Reporting & Retaining Information Accurate and complete records are vital to the Prayaann corporate decision-making process and to the collection and reporting of our financial, legal and regulatory data.

All records, expense accounts, vouchers, invoices, payroll and service records, reports to government agencies, measurement and performance records, and other essential data must be prepared with care, honesty and accuracy. Records Retention In addition to any specific obligations regarding Prayaann records and files that may exist in the franchisee, service providers written agreement with Prayaann, Suppliers must create, retain and dispose of business records in full compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Conflicts of Interest agent must avoid the appearance of improprieties and/or conflicts of interest, as such relate to Prayaann. During the course of negotiating its agreement with Prayaann or during performance of its obligations thereunder, Supplier shall not deal directly with any Anthem employee whose spouse, domestic partner or other family member or relative holds a significant financial interest in the Supplier.